Below are some checklists you may find useful when planning your trip. Especially handy for first time travellers. And if you’re already well-travelled, there may be some additional items you haven’t thought of.


Following is a checklist of general things to consider when working out a budget.

• Passport fees
• Visa fees
• Vaccinations
• Tickets
• Accommodation
• Car hire
• Rail/bus passes
• Tours
• Travel insurance
• Spending money including food and drinks
• International licences
• Luggage
• Travel guides
• Phone cards
• First aid kit
• Cost of pet care while you’re away
• Cost of long-stay parking at airports


Below is a list of items recommended if you’re considering putting together your own first aid kit.

• Bandaids
• Sterile non-adhesive dressing
• Antiseptic or antiseptic wipes
• Digital thermometer (normal temperature is 37 degrees Celsius)
• Tweezers
• Scissors
• Safety pins
• Eye drops
• Rehydration tablets
• Iodine/sterilisation tablets
• Mild pain killers
• Motion sickness pills
• Altitude sickness pills
• Allergy medication
• Cold sore treatment
• Something for throat infections
• Sleeping pills
• Sunburn lotion
• Lipguard
• Insect repellent
• Diarrhoea relief
• Own syringes/hypodermic needles (in case you require vaccination)*
• Cotton wool and tissues
• Contraceptives (and prescriptions)

* This one’s a bit iffy as depending on where you’re travelling, they may think you’re a drug user if you happen to have your luggage searched. The reason I suggest it is because some countries may not follow strict hygiene procedures. Any thoughts?


Below is a general checklist of things you may find useful to pack. It will depend on what type of holiday you intend to take. Make a list and tick things off as you pack.

Travel light! You won’t need half the clothing you intend to take. Clothing should be comfortable and preferably as wrinkle-proof as possible. A light jacket is essential even if travelling in the summer.

It’s also recommended to keep your valuable jewellery at home unless you’re planning on attending special functions.

Pack a change of clothes with your hand luggage in case your suitcase goes astray en-route (God forbid!) or if you’re staying at an airport hotel in transit.

Make a list of everything you take in case you need to make an insurance claim.

• Lap top
• All necessary chargers
• Mobile phone
• Head phones
• Money pouch
• Plug adaptor
• Travel iron
• Hairdryer
• Pocket calculator
• Shower cap
• Toiletries
• Travel towel
• Sewing kit
• Raincoat
• Collapsible umbrella
• Thermal underwear
• Thongs for communal showers
• Can opener
• Plastic bags (especially for dirty laundry)
• Clothes line
• Sink plug
• Memory cards
• Spare batteries for your camera/battery charger
• First aid kit
• Medications in original packaging (including letter from doctor and repeat prescriptions)
• Toilet paper (very difficult to find in some countries)
• Sunglasses
• Sun hat
• Water bottle
• Spare pair of spectacles, contact lenses
• Ear plugs
• Shoe polish
• Alarm clock
• Small flashlight
• Maps
• Guides
• Spare passport photos (especially if applying for visas en-route)
• Books or Kindle
• Books and games for children
• Inflatable pillow, eye mask 
• Sleeping bag
• Sleeping bag sheet
• Mosquito net
• Tampons (not available in all countries)


• Double check passport validity and that you have all required visas
• Make sure Will is up-to-date
• Arrange Power of Attorney
• Make sure home contents insurance up-to-date
• Pay bills including any which might become due while you’re away
• Get post office to hold or re-direct mail
• Advise your banking institution you’ll be away so that they’re aware of any overseas transactions/activity on your account
• Arrange Travel Money Card, international currency
• International drivers licence if required
• Vaccination certificates if required
• Phone cards
• Travel insurance
• Postal voting if required
• Register your trip with
• Advise Centrelink you’ll be away (if you’re receiving benefits)
• Clean out fridge
• Arrange pet care
• Arrange watering of plants and lawn mowing
• Set up automatic timers for light switches
• Switch off any unnecessary power points
• Get your neighbours to keep eye on your house
• Provide family member or trusted friend with your itinerary and a house key
• Do a final check of all your travel documentation
• Photocopy documentation
• Disconnect car battery
• Lock up the house

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