     Summer – December to February

     Winter – June to August

     Northern Australia is best from May to September

     Wet season in north Australia is November to March when it is hot and humid


     Summer – June to August

     Summers are cooler in the north and can get quite hot in the south

     Winter – December to March

     Spring and autumn are usually wettest times

     Northern Europe is best July to August, but heavy rain can still occur


     Best time April to June and September to October

     Heavy rains end June to July


     Best time October to April

     Monsoon season late May to September when it’s a good time to visit north India

     April to June is too hot


     Best time October and November

     Trekking is best from October to March

     June, July and August are wettest months


     Generally hot and humid throughout the year

     November to February is cooler and the best time

     The rainy season is from July to October

China/Hong Kong

     Best climate in China is from April to May and September to October

     Very cold in north China from November to March

     Hot and humid June to August in Hong Kong with possible typhoons in July to September

     Best time for Hong Kong is April to May or October to November


     Best time June to October

     Wet season November to April


     Hot and humid throughout the year

     Wet season on east coast from October to February and west coast from September to December


     South dry season is December to April with hottest being February to May

     South has wettest season from June to August

     North has cold winters from November to April

     North dry season is May to October when it gets quite hot


     Summer June to August

     Winter December to February

     Alaska is best between May and September


     Best time mid-June to mid-September

     Snowfalls can start in early October and finish in late April


     Summer December to February

     Winter June to August

     Northern Argentina has very hot summers


     Hot all year round in jungles

     Cooler in mountains during the day and can get very cold at night

     Coastal dry season in Peru is December to March

     Best trekking in Peru May to July


     Tropical climate with the Amazon being very humid

     Cooler south of Rio

     Best time November to February


     Tropical weather on the coast

     Chilly evenings in highlands

     Rainy season is April to June


     Best time for game viewing May to October

     Wet season November to March

South Africa

     Summer December to February

     Winter June to August

     Best time to visit is October to January

Middle East

     Summer is June to August and can get quite hot

     Winter December to March

     Evenings can get cool during summer

     Snowfall can occur during winter

     Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit

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