A honeymoon is an affirmation that things are different now.  It’s an intimate time for the couple to bond and relax and share.  And if you were already living together before the wedding, it’s a time to re-solidify your relationship.  Some people believe the honeymoon is more important than the wedding because weddings are also about the people who are there to celebrate with you whilst a honeymoon is just about the two of you.

It’s important to get away and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a honeymoon because let’s face it, it’s about spending pleasurable, quality time together and it doesn’t have to cost.  Of course, if you have the funds, then by all means!

Some couples will spend thousands on their dream honeymoon and will travel overseas, whilst others are happy to get away for just a few days.  Some opt for exotic destinations where they can soak up the sun on a tropical island and others are wanting something more action packed.  The options are endless.

Many couples will save up and plan up to a year ahead.  Depending on your destination, it’s recommended to start planning at least 6 months before as you don’t want to miss out.  Airfares don’t get any cheaper if you leave it until the last minute and there’s also the chance that the beautiful resort you had your heart set on is already booked out.

One thing I’d like to point out is the weather.  Mother Nature is unpredictable and if your honeymoon is dependent on endless sunshine, even though you may have planned on travelling during a time when plenty of sunshine is the norm, expect the unexpected and think about what you might do should you be met with bad weather during your honeymoon.  Be creative and don’t let it dampen your mood. 

Here are some suggestions:

. Explore indoor attractions

. Take a train ride to somewhere and watch the world go by

. Do a “progressive” lunch – one restaurant for entrée, another for main meal and a third for dessert

. Go to the movies

. Play board games – or maybe a round of strip poker …

. Attend a cooking class

. Pamper yourselves with a spa treatment

. Have a picnic in your room

. Hunker down to a romantic movie in your room whilst sipping champagne and feeding each other chocolate-coated strawberries

. Give each other a massage

. Cosy up under the covers

. Grab a brolly and explore

. Go out and get wet and then come back and enjoy a luxurious bubble bath

You’re only limited by your imagination …

Please feel free to contact me any time for advice or quotes.

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