So much for gratitude …

I’d like to touch on a blog I previously wrote about INTERNET vs TRAVEL AGENT and I mentioned that people should be very careful when booking via the internet as they could end up making costly mistakes.

I recently had someone contact me for a quote to Asia as they had previously booked via the internet and had a lot of problems with flight cancellations etc. So after a bit of research, I provided current best fare in our system which was around $800 and I included a $50 service fee for my time as depending on the fare, we don’t always make a lot of commission these days. The client told me that he could get it for $555 on the internet – same itinerary, same dates.

I wasn’t convinced as I knew that I had quoted cheapest fare and thought that the price he saw was probably in USD. I advised him of this so he checked and came back to me confirming that it was indeed in USD and that he hadn’t even noticed it. Had he booked it, he would have been in for a nasty surprise when he received his credit card statement reflecting around $300 more than expected!

And what do you think he did? In order to save himself $50, he booked it via the internet. That’s the thanks I got!

Well, all I can say is good luck to him and hopefully he won’t end up with any further problems.

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